Simple plan


Somehow I amaze with human brain. How they can think and make decision and all the cognitive process in it. Including my brain too.
Sometimes, I wonder if other people’s brain is also like mine. I mean, I dunno, but my brain keep making scenarios about one thing. From the best moment till the worst.
Like nowadays case.
I forgot to tell, yeah, BlackBerry officially closed down for good. And we are that last till the project end, was terminated. Our last day is actually last friday.
I repeating the cycle like when I just finish my masters. Applying for job. I mean, I applied to like hundred companies (well yeah, I’m exagerating, I know) until me, myself, don’t know which company that actually I applied to.
Some of them are calling and contacting me, but most of them requires me to relocate to singapore or the job requirement is actually don’t match with me.
Spent the last weeks of february, makes me realize something. Chances are do exist but there is a chance that you didn’t be given a chance at all.
Looking to all my colleagues, I know that every person has their own fate and own way. Even the closest person to you will be having different fate from you. You cannot expect people will save you, you have to save your own ass by yourself.
Therefore, last night till this morning, I’m thinking hardly, and my brain starts making scenarios and plan. And those thought, really gave me a plan. From how if I experience the best till the worst.
So, here it is.
Plan A. CVG will contact me. I deal with them. Waiting till may and improving myself while waiting. Just count the days as the resting days before work.
Plan B. I deal with other company around KL or selangor which can start soon. Whether this march or april. Think of it, this is the best condition for me.
Plan C. I deal with other company which located outside KL or selangor. Like penang? Johor? I dunno, but maybe if yes, I might leave all my life here in KL, and move to other state. Kind of bad case, because yeah, I have to leave my life here. But I still can bring my cat along with me.
Plan D. The worst one. If till the end of march I didn’t deal with any company in malaysia, I will be back to my country. For good. But not to jakarta. I don’t want to give my parents stress and pressure watching me day by day while I’m in stress condition too. It’ll make the condition worst. Maybe I will pick purwakarta for the next destination. I am quite familiar with that small city and the location is good.
Of course, I will lose everything. My life, my SO and my cat. But it is for our own goodness. I don’t want to be selfish keeping my SO in commitment while he deserve to have someone better than me to take care of him right? Being in LDR will just hurt both of us and isn’t that just repeating the old story? I love him and I don’t want to see him being hurt, even a bit. But, we haven’t tied in legal marriage so, i think this is the best for us if this worst case is really happened.  Actually, for the plan c and plan d, I think about it for quite a long time  There is a chance that the case will happened to me. We don’t know the future right?


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