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Well, finally I know why I am more clicked with animals rather than with humans.. I can trust animal more than human and at least they want to listen whatever things that I babbled about.
Maybe, in the trash bin categories, I am the last place to throw all the garbages before it’s being burned out, you know, like TPA in Indonesia. Kind of Bantar Gebang, or something like that..
Well yeah, maybe it is better for not saying anything, sharing anything, or talking about anything to somebody else. In the end, it’s only left you two choices, they’ll talk about it behind you or they won’t care about it, at all.
Anyway, if (even) your parents didn’t want to listen and understand you, what do you expect with other people?


Shock therapy


BlackBerry is closing down.. At least in suth malaysia. That’s what I heard from my site head. Shock? Yeah.. Who don’t? But so far I can hide my shockness pretty well. Actually, it’s not really a bad news for me.. Well, practically I won’t lose my job in suth, all team members will be moved to uber project, and all will be fine.
Well, I hope it will..
Actually, I don’t feel bad nor feel good about moving to uber. Change is hard, I know that, but the thing is, I don’t see any prospect in uber. Its just an app with service, not a legal public transport. And seeing what gojek experience right now, I don’t have any confidence about it.
I am not saying that uber will be bankrupt or what, but its more to personal feeling or my gut feeling, intuition? I don’t know, maybe we can call it that.
This situation made me realize, sooner or later, I will move from this company also.. I ever considering resignation before, but I am comfy with this team and the work. But now, I think I should plan what I am going to do if someday I want to resign from this company.
Actually, I’ve check several companies that offering a job post that I like. But again, I’m stuck because of location. It’s left me with two choices if I want to take those jobs, one whether I have to use a (shitty schedule) rapid bus transport or two, moving totally to those location. Both of choices is quite hard to choose.
If I am just a normal single lady, it would be easy,  that I can move as long as I like, but how then? I am a single cat lady, I have a cat under my responsibility, and nyunyeng is more like my kid instead of my cat.
To be honest, I am starting to feel uncomfy in my current house. Maybe because I am not a social person, and because of some problem going ahead in this house, so I don’t really feel that this house is my home.
I am dreaming, of getting out of this house, renting a small unit by myself, and living there peacefully with my cat, leaving all the problems behind me, starting a whole new life again, erasing all the footprints that sometimes still haunted me in my dreams.
Maybe I will take this step, if I really resigning from suth.
As a girl, sometimes I am dreaming I will leaving this house because I am marrying someone, but I can’t push people right? Moreover, now I am reconsidering getting married as a life options. Seems like it’s so hard to get married. A lot of things that you have to do and etcetra and etcetra.. I don’t really mind if I have to be single for the rest of my life though..
Plus, I already made a decision, that my current BF will be my last BF, if this relationship also didn’t work, I won’t try to search again. I am tired already.
I will tell my parents about this later when I am going home this month. At least, they are prepared and not to put so much hope on me.
Okay, back to topic before..
My clock now is tick tocking.. I don’t know when I should resign, but for sure, I have to be prepared for it.
Nothing last forever, including my problems. Of course I have to sort it out since it will not solve by itself.
I hope everything will be clear soon, and I hope all the best for me and everyone in my team..