Hypnotherapy session



Yeah, I won’t pursue anyone. I welcome every people that want to come to my life, but I also open the big door for whoever that wants to leave. I won’t hold onto anyone who wants to leave. Its your choice. And once you leave me, I won’t care anymore, because its my choice.


If people ask me, what I want the most in my life, of course I would say to be happy. Thus, from now on, I won’t let myself struggle as long as I can. If chocolate can reduce my stress, then for now, slim is not my option. I prefer to keep alive and sane rather than thinking about my weight day by day which adding my stress and not helping to lose them. I know I am in my best shape when I am happy. Therefore, if people ask me, “Don’t you scared that people will leave you when you’re fat and ugly?”. Ha! Let them leave then, so I know, which one whose real and which one whose fake plastic trees.
I just want to be happy. I love myself and I value my life more than anyone’s life. That’s all that matters. Sound selfish, but ask yourself, didn’t you want the same thing for your life?


Yeah, I am strong and I can overcome all the problems that gotten to my life.
Be it career, family, love life, social life, ANYTHING!
I am gifted. I have a strong heart, I have a good brain, I have a sharp intuition.
And I won’t let my God disappointed with me cause I didn’t use all the gift He had given me.


Yeah.. Like miley said, there  always gonna be another mountain that we have to reach. Its ain’t about how fast we reach in, its the climb process through it.


Yup! I always forget this one. Like Prophet Muhammad SAW said “God will not test His servant if he/she can’t overcome and resolve His test”.

I gotta be strong, just keep pushing on!

**note to my future self : Please read this if you need some motivation.




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