TTAM pt 1


Maybe one thing that I miss the most when I married later is my single life.
Ah God, can I not marry? Its not that like I don’t want to be married, but looking at these past weeks, isn’t it great if marry is out of my dictionary?
Just think about it, you can do whatever you like, you don’t have someone that you have to protect his heart or take care of. You can spazzing all the way you like, you can stay in your room for days without being disturbed and noticed, you can eat whatever that you want without even worrying your weight, you can say f*ck off to whoever ask “When will you be married?”.
You don’t have to worry about the expense or how should the wedding be. You don’t have to worry about the ring and everything that involve. You don’t have to fight for the relationship, you won’t have to be hurt over a little things, you don’t have to worry about the kids, and their future, you won’t go to hell because you didn’t listen to your husband because you don’t have a husband, its as simply as that. Your responsibilities decreased, And you won’t hurt anyone. Isn’t all of that are great?
Lonely you say? Maybe.. But I’ve been lonely since I was born. I am too used to be alone and only rely on myself. People come and go, and in the end I learn that I can always depend on me. So far, no one can handle me. I’m still untamed. Maybe I’m too wild for my own good.
Whatever, just my babbling. I am starting to get sleepy anyway.
Let’s sleep. Good night.


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