My another side of pole


As you said, we are so different..


Differences before meal and after meal

You love to eat and hate playing,

While me..


Expression change when fire nation attack 😛

I love to play and not really can finish my meal (although actually i love to eat too.  Hehe..)


We are even coming from different races, religion, believes and family background.

And you said, you wonder why can we feel fit and stick together?

You know?  I wonder too..
But then I remember physics,
I think we works like a magnet.


I am the north pole, you are the south pole..
We are so different, we are what we are with all those uniqueness that we have as individuality.
But, those differences made us attract to each other.
Same like magnet.

Like a compass, that need the both pole to lead the way..
I need you to stabilize my pointing needle.
I hope we can works together with the principles of magnet and be a compass for each other.

You are another side of my magnetic pole.

Happy 5th monthsary my POL!
Sorry that this girl never counting time as you do,
5 months is not a really long time, but as I rewinding back, there’s so much things that we have been going through together.
Its been a long and bittersweet journey.
So, please be a compass for me to guide my way so we won’t lost in this journey together.
For my cutie pie Mas Ganteng Inyas Bayu Kharismawan,
Whatever expression you have, no matter how tough our road is,


I love you.
I do and always will do..

*I hope you won’t pouting your lips again tomorrow because i slept early like last month, and doesn’t even know that it was our monthsary..hihihi*


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