Dear you (part 3)


Dear you,
So sorry that I make you sad on your big day,
I don’t have any intention to crush your day like this,
I’m sorry that I don’t picking up your calls and just replying your viber with emoticons,
I thought you already have no feelings for me,
I thought you are moved on same like me,
I thought it is right, since you keep pushing me away, when i talk about me and my life,
So sorry, really..
I am not your angel anymore,
I even have no right to keep those predicate,
I am a bad girl, I am so evil, i know that..
Can I asked something from you?
I don’t want to make you shed any tear again,
So, please forget your feelings for me,
Just love me as one of your little sister as you did before,
I hope we can maintain to be friends, a good friends..

I hope so..

-The retired bad angel-


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