Hybrid Human


I am a hybrid human.
Two in one.
Maybe you feel that I am bipolar.
But it just because I don’t like living with collar.

Like the wind which flies.
Like the water which flows.
I am fly and flow to where ever land that I need to sow.

Call me ambitious.
But actually I just want to live a life that fabulous.
A life which faultless and scrupulous.

I am not an angel.
I am just a hybrid human that has many angle.
I know that I have the dark side of me.
But actually that is also a part that make me steady.

Perhaps I never make it clear.
I never want a partner that treat me like a princess.
I just want a partner that can running beside me even the world seems rail less

You’ll be tired following me around.
And it will be as frustrating as it sound.
So, make up you gear and start up your engine.
Make your own guidance and this kind of life, we can morphin’.

Life is a show.
There always a side of life that we don’t know.

So here, take my hand.
Together, we can fight till the end.
Cause, same as the philosophy of the hybrid human.
In any condition, two is better than one.

PHP 848
Big fat thanks for Two is better than one song that giving me the idea 😉


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