Philosophy of bleed


My finger got cut, ouch! it hurts! but nothing much. I’m really used to it. Moreover, it just a cut from Nyunyeng’s scratch.
I’m smiling as I watch my blood flowing.. Again, it is not me if I don’t bleeding for a simple reason. Be it knife’s cut, paper cut, nyunyeng’s scratch or another simple cut.
I’m rummaging the upper top kitchen drawer, looking for a band aid. There it is, betadine kids band aid. I just need to put this around my finger, and it will be fixed. Later, it won’t left any scars, it won’t be hurt again. It will heal quickly, as usual. How magic a function of a band aid is!

And as I put the band aid slowly, wrapping it around my finger, I’m thinking..
If your finger bleeding, how fast you could fix it with band aid, how magic it is, why people didn’t intend to invent the same thing for human’s heart too?

How nice if we can fix bleeding heart as quickly as fingers. Plus, it won’t leave any scars, how I wish it can..

But, there is one same thing between fingers and heart. If it is bleeding often, it become numb. You just get used to it. You won’t feel any difference or think too much over cut in your heart. You will even enjoy the pain and the tingling sensation of it. You can’t even let one tear out from your eyes. Believe me, if you get used to it, you can smile even your heart hurts.


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