Sweet Dream or Nightmare?


It doesn’t feel real..
Yes, I do like you, much and much,, it growing..but that’s the thing..
As you told me, just do it anyway, who cares?
but still,, it doesn’t feel right,
I keep being haunted by those nightmares,
I know I don’t have the right to be jealous,
but as we get attached, I can’t help it..
Insecurity start to make my brain foggy,,
One time, you said one thing,
but the other day, I saw something different,
You know how it feels?
Someone ever told me, once you got insecurity in your mind, it is incurable,
as you keep thinking and thinking, worrying and worrying..
Assuming something, judging and in the end, hurting..
I start to value you more than before,
but, I think I have to value my heart first, since my heart as fragile as yours..



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