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Is it really true that when you thinking about someone, that person will be think about you back?
I just want to talk to you, but since you really busy, I hesitant to call you, because i know your work drains you a lot and you need more rest.
But today, I kept thinking, should I call you? I’m so fragile today, at least hearing your voice will be enough for calming myself. And suddenly, you left a message and said you really sorry that you are so busy, and promise to talk to me tomorrow. Hey! I don’t even text you or asking you about it yet.. How did you know what I’m thinking? Are you a mind reader?
*Feel amaze with this situation*

Mind Reader by Sarah Reinhard Article


Dear You – part 1 (In the name of you)


In the name of you,
I’ll say good morning to the sunshine,
and I’ll say good night to the moonlight,
still have a chance to live under same sky as you,
make me realize how thankful I am.

In the name of you,
I summon the wind to blows,
blows and dances, far far away,
brings all the greetings and pray that I can’t say,
I hope it’ll arrive to you,
even it just a silent whisper.

[PHP848, Sept 2014]