Don’t be a duck!

Choose your own path!

Choose your own path!

“I want to be a doctor because my boyfriend also a want to be a doctor”
Have you ever heard statement like this?
Me? yes, I’ve had heard.
I heard such kind of statement long long time ago..(well if you consider 6 years are long time..) when graduation of high school are near, one of my close friend gave me that for the answer of my question ” What are you going to do after all of this?”
That time i just agreeing with her, well..after all we need for someone to look up to, and for her case is her boyfriend. Moreover, as a 17 years old we don’t really know which path that should we took.

In short, that friend really took medical school even though her boyfriend choose to take his medical education overseas while she got in one of public university in my country, good for her, of course..
Time passes, i kinda lost contact with her for the past 4 years, luckily there is facebook, i meet with her again on facebook and we have a small chat (urm..quite long actually..haha..) via facebook message.

We exchange the news of ourselves, she told me that now she’s waiting for her practical result at one of local hospital in her city, “I’m feeling pit-a-pat..!!”, said her.
As a friend of course i congratulate her, she said thank you but she gave me a sad emoticon like this 😦
I ask why?
and you know what, with that one question she blew up all her emotion to me, she told that she starting to hate this medical thingy. She tired studying all night while she don’t like the subject at all (as i recall, back in high school, she hates biology so much but loves math).
She has fed up but can’t be out from the circle since she had chose it by herself, she can’t bear the shame in front of her parents if she want to quit.
She knows that medical school is not cheap, so she just struggling by herself to finish her study as soon as possible.
I stunned reading her statement, wanting to soothes her a bit i said ” Relax, if you don’t know you about a subject, you can ask your boyfriend right? he also took medical after all..”
“Don’t mention that jerk name ever again!” her answer make me double stunned.
Then without asked, she’s telling me that she broke up with her boyfriend in years 2 university.
When she trying to catch up with all super difficult subject, her boyfriend said he is tired being long distance relationship because she is hard to reach and IDD call are expensive.
She agreed his reason, but 2 weeks after they broke up, she heard that her boyfriend has already had new girlfriend, one of his senior. Shock. That’s all. She said.

That quick chat with her make me think and thankful, not because i’m glad that she’s suffer or what, but i’m almost make the same decision as her.
I’m glad i’m not following my (ex) boyfriend that time.. well, we don’t know the future right? i prefer follow my heart say and thank god now i’m still live happily until now.
I’m thinking, how we sometimes can be like a duck, follow what others say, with the reason like in the name of love blah blah blah..
In reality there no such happily ever after, after the white horse prince coming. Think about one decision hundred times if you don’t wanna regret them in the future.


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