My Life as Delusional (?) Fans




난 널 다 좋아 오빠, 근데….

actually i don’t want to tell you the reason, but since you’ve asked me, so i think i don’t need to hide it anymore right? fine, i tell you then!

Reason why i love 김준수

first.. your voice you said?

yes, true.. i really love your voice.. since you are my favorite singer, of course i love your voice, even your voice are recognized globally, even your ex-company still approve that you are the best trainee and artist they had ever.. your photo still put in their website for audition notice and my friend who lives in korea said, you are the national voice of, how come i don’t fall for your voice?

second, your appearance huh?

hmm.. your body are well build since you really love sport like soccer and table tennis but actually it’s not really as sculpture like oppa ㅋㅋㅋ, but until now i still wonder, how come you can being cute and innocent yet handsome and sexy at the same time? if i can describe it, it’s like when you smile; world is really peaceful place to live and war is out of dictionary..and when you act seriously, no one can beat your charisma.. (*ahaha..i’m being delusional, but that’s true for me tough.. :P) even your twin said that he never bored looking at you and your mom can’t really mad with you.. so, how come i don’t act like that?

third.. your adorable butt?’s one of them, but i love your personality more than your butt.. 😛

your sense of humor never fail to make me laugh, you are really mood maker for your friends,you know how to comfort people and make them happy, when you mad you doing it wittily, you love your family, friends and fans sincerely, even you don’t really show it but i know you are a deep thinker person.. you doing everything passionately.. i can see it when you sing, dance, acting, playing soccer or just playing game.. your tough perseverance really inspires me.. 7 years of training? i would just give up if i were you, romantic man? of course, white lie, picture of you, rainy night and fallen’ leaves are the proof.. you are an animal lover too.. everyone knows that animal lover are soft-hearted person..

Fourth.. my dream man criteria fits you perfectly..

  1. Don’t have to be handsome, but when i see him i never get bored of him >> i can’t resist your cuteness and i melt second after you smile..ㅋㅋㅋ
  2. Don’t easy to get upset, light-hearted and forgiving >> even you are bullied by changmin or JJ, your smile still hanging in your lips..
  3. Has good sense of humor >> OMG sun! oshiri pen pen borupen, who didn’t laugh at this? 😀
  4. Can playing one instrument whether it is piano or violin >> your piano performance vs taeyang beat everything..
  5. Has a good manner and respect elders >> changmin oppa has talk a lot about this..
  6. Close with his mother >> indeed you are!
  7. Love animal, especially cats >> you have one dog, seven cats and many carps in your home..
  8. Playful, adventurous and kid-like person >> every people know that you are like this..
  9. Has a free laughter >> that eukyangkyang matched this…hehehe..
  10. Good kisser (hahaha..) >> mozart, TOH, elizabeth are the proof for this..wkwkwk..

Fifth our similarity (?) ㅎㅎㅎ

  1. We hate same things > smoking, alcohol, carbonated drink and mathematics
  2. We have same favorite food > eel and chicken, though the recipes are different, but it’s still eel and chicken right? ㅋㅋㅋ
  3. We have same dream > having one of each breed cats in this world, weird but really it’s my dream too..
  4. We have same favorite place > beach and sea, somewhere that has water in there..
  5. We have same favorite drink > young coconut juice
  6. We have same hobby > playing game, read books (manga too) and watching movie
  7. We have same flaw > can’t say “S” with speed properly and can’t drawing nicely.
  8. We have same blood type > B
  9. We have same favorite color > blue and purple
  10. We have same favorite scent > watery-fresh scent and baby-like scent

soooo..oppa, i already told you everything.. now you know right? hehehe..

well, i don’t mean to 고백 in here, but i end up doing it.. hihihi..

what’s that matter is 난, 준수 오빠를 너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무너무 좋아! *love shoot ala gumiho*

okay then, i brb washing my face, i think i’m already crazy to write this.. kekekeke…


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