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Jaejoong is Sebastian The Black Butler twin?


Its been a long time since last time i update (or blabbering actually 😛 )
Well, to be honest recently i got hook with One Piece, i just can’t stop watching when actually i must do my assignment, but i just watch till episode 266, so its still long-long way to go..
Beside watching one piece, i’m also desperate because i can’t go to thailand for seeing JYJ concert since my mid semester exam is coming up, ah~ really, i hate the cancellation in malaysia part, but i can do nothing about it..so i just save the photos and fancams from withjyj while envying the thai fans and asking myself why i didn’t born as a Bill Gates daughter (sorry dad.. :()
Yeah right, I’m a desperate Fangirl..sighed..

Btw, talking about anime and JYJ, there is a photo from JYJ Lotte duty free calendar that catch my intention, here it is..

JYJ Lotte Duty Free Calendar April 2011

Despite all talk about how handsome and clean the boys in that pic, when i saw the pic, the first thing that comes to my mind is, Jaejoong style and appearance is similar with one of character in The Black Butler anime (or in Japanese its called Kuroshitsuji) Sebastian Michaelis.

JJ The Black Butler

Seriously, its weird to talk like this, since Jaejoong actually is not my bias (well, i’m more Junsu bias) but i like JJ’s style in there, maybe because of his similarity with one of my fav anime character.
Don’t ask my opinion about Junsu style, for me, he looks like a prince as usual and yoochun looks sweet with his charming smile. Whoever the stylist, i like her/his chose, its really fit with each member image.

Well, i think that’s all my blabbering for today since i start to feel sleepy and i still have classes tomorrow..
my cat “Gege” also has mewing to loud calling me for sleep, anyway its already 1:30 am.
So, bubye everyone..have a nice sleep and sweet dreams..

-btw, I missed Junsu, its about two weeks he didn’t online and we didn’t chat like usual, where did he go? is his hotel in thai didn’t have inet connection? but yesterday he already cameback to korea right? blah..whatever, gege calling again..good night! 🙂 –